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Proverbs 16:3
A message from Anonymous
Hello, sister! I go Anon for you to answer my question.. Gusto ko lang itanong kung anong una mong binasa sa Bible, because my leader in church told me to read Gospel of John first, then I read it. How about you? Did you do the same? And what gospels did you read after you've finished John? Thank you so much! :)

Hi kapatid ♥ when I started reading the Bible I started from Genesis to Revelation kasi di pa ako aware na mas okay kung mag-iistart sa John. Lately ko lang din nalaman nung may nagsabi sa aking Christian friend na mas okay pala pag ganun.

John to Revelation, Matthew to Luke tapos Old Testament na. Ganun mo basahin ang Bible. Mas okay talaga na simulan mong magbasa sa John based from my experience. :D Kasi nung nagbasa ako nun at nagstart sa Old Testament, nagulat ako lalo sa mga part na maraming bawal. Pero syempre di nagtagal, nang mapunta na ako sa New Testament nagbago na lahat. Either way, may impact naman yan kahit saan ka magsimula. Nasa sayo pa rin yan. God bless sa pagbabasa mo ng Bible! xx 


I lost my red, comfy and hygienic toothbrush the other day. I couldn’t find it, I remembered placing it somewhere but I just can’t remember where. I looked for it so hard but it didn’t show up. So instead of getting all dizzy looking for it for a couple of minutes then, I thought I just have to buy a new one. Besides I was in a rush that day.

I went to the nearest convenience store and bought a new one but it’s not the same with the old one I had. I wanted to look for the same toothbrush but I found something that has a different brand, style, and color. I used it for the first time but the bristles were hard and it’s not that comfortable to use. It pains my gums! I bared the pain it caused me for a while until I decided not to use it anymore and just buy a new one. I can’t bare the pain of using it anymore.

"I won’t be able to find anything like my red toothbrush anymore".

I asked somebody to buy me a new one in a different store so I had another brand new one. And this time I’m so glad that it’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it has soft bristles, and it is RED! My favorite color! I’m not endorsing a brand of toothbrush just so you know. Eventually you would know where this heads to.

So, as I used it, I thought to myself “Very nice! This is even better than the old one”. 

I was still brushing my teeth when I came to realize that it is what God does. When we lose something great, and we think that it’s the best and that nothing could be compared to it or nothing could replace it, I guess not. I admit that I was wrong thinking of that. God has something better in store! God will replace it with something even much more better. 

I had never realized the true essence of it until I had lost my toothbrush myself!

This could be applied in any aspects of life, in any person, and in any situation. You may have lost a loved one, a special someone, a relationship, a pet, an amount of money, a property, that you think can never be restored, I know that God has something for you even much better than what/who you have lost. God always has a good news! And always be ready for that.

So let go. Do not try to look for something you can’t find anymore or can’t restore anymore. Same as with persons. Don’t put too much effort looking for a replacement too . Trust in God instead, and be ready for what He has prepared for you. Something that is bigger, better and greater. God’s blessing may not be in an instant, but it will eventually come anyway. Just be patient!

Not all loss brings dismay. In fact, sometimes you might want to consider loss as a blessing.

Keep on moving forward, do not look back and be stuck in searching or restoring what’s lost. Instead, look forward and see what lies ahead or else you’d miss it.

It’s amazing what a single toothbrush that is not alive, nor is breathing, something without knowledge and understanding, could teach someone like me a lesson. Wait! Was it the toothbrush that taught me or the Spirit that lives within me?

What more can someone like you do? You are alive, you are breathing, you are blessed with wisdom and understanding and the Spirit is within you. I know you could touch more lives and teach more lessons more than what a mere toothbrush could do.

College Graduation

  • Dad: daughter, I have already paid up all your school fees. You're all cleared up for graduation.
  • Me: (knowing that the expenses were more than too much) awwww. Thank you dad! We (I and my twin) caused you a lot of expenses.
  • Dad: *hugged me. Those aren't expenses at all.
  • Me: Then what dad? Investment?
  • Dad: Responsibility.
  • Before he even said all that, earlier this morning I had already realized how responsible of a father my dad was. He struggled making it through but he never neglected his responsibilities as a father. I am so blessed to have such a dad! thank You Abba!

Good night

  • Me: good night dad! I love you to the sun and back.
  • Sister: I love you to the end of Pluto dad.
  • Dad: I love you to the end of the universe and back.
  • D'aaaawwwww : ')
  • *group hug
Do not be deceived by the lies. Listen to what God has always been saying. Listen and know the truth!

Do not be deceived by the lies. Listen to what God has always been saying. Listen and know the truth!

My Testimony

The world is becoming a dangerous place to live in, that’s why it’s never called our home.

Our house was shot by a bullet tonight! PRAISE and THANK GOD we were delivered! I was watching Fireproof (A Christian Film) when I heard a car stop in front of our house, then I heard a gun shot, and later that car went dashing off.

It was an ever good thing that the lights were off in our room or else we (I and my sisters) would have been the target. There were three witnesses and I just hope that the CCTV caught a video when the car dashed off. We checked every area in the house and up until now, the bullet isn’t found yet.

My heart was pounding when it all happened, I thought something bad happened to my family, praise God all was well.

My dad told me that maybe it’s out of envy, my dad already has a suspect and when I asked him who he thinks it was he told me that he will  tell me when it’s already proven. A lot of things could eventually lead us to do evil, it saddens me thinking of that.

I can see in my dad’s eyes that he is all bothered, not for himself but for his family.

Though I know that God is protecting my dad from all harm, and I do know that He won’t let anything bad happen to him, and that He would save my dad, please do include him in your prayers. My dad is a very kind and nice man. He believes in God! He is a child of God. 

Please do also pray for the man who fired the gun that in all ways and means may not be tempted by the devil to do the wrong.

I believe in God, I believe in His works and great power, I believe in what prayers can do, I know that He will never forsake His children, He hears our prayers. 

This testimony is a proof of how much You love us all and how You could deliver.

We will not fear. We will put our trust in You, Lord. Thank You!!

A message from Anonymous
Impure and negative, sinful images have been polluting my mind. And I feel as though I'm suffering from this, it's hard to look at someone or something and it just pops! Please, help me!!! I think maybe one of the reasons is because I use the wattpad app and read not those graphic books, but a little sketchy. Please help me do something!!!!!!

I have tried playing tetris battle on facebook for a long time, and whenever I stare at my room’s wall, I see blocks of tetris. You see, it’s not just you, I myself have experienced it too. I thought that it couldn’t be helped. I thought I was going insane. It was awful.

We never know what addiction could do to us, we never know the extent of damage it could bring. So I stopped playing it and as time passed by it went away. Hoooray! I finally felt normal again.

I believe that it’s just the same with you dear, =) if you stop looking at sinful images, and not let your heart and mind be corrupted by sins and immorality, you would be able to get through it! You will overcome it! Guard your heart and your mind. If you know that something will cause you to sin, then restrain from it. 

Stop using the wattpad app and take time to have other recreational activities instead like walking along the parks, or watching the sunset, it will help you be enlightened and will allow you to reflect for some time. You’re in my prayers!!! xx

A message from Anonymous
Hi (: I love God with all my heart but I feel that I don't have ENOUGH faith in him... any advice ??

If you feel like you’re losing faith in Him or you think that you do not have ENOUGH faith towards Him, PRAY. Pray with all your heart beloved, and talk to Him all the time. The more we talk to Him the more we feel His presence, and the more it increases our faith. LISTEN to His words through reading the Scripture, I tell you dear, it helps a lot! The Bible helps us to strengthen our faith day by day because the more we read it, the more wisdom and understanding we get, then the more we hold on to His promises.