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Proverbs 16:3

Who says vacation is over? Thank You Lord for this trip and for keeping us safe and secure. This trip is courtesy of my aunt and uncle from Canada! :D Thank you! I pray that you have a safe trip back abroad, and that the Lord may continue to bless you bountifully! <3

YUP! I&#8217;d rather have Jesus than silver or gold. :) Finger-styling on the guitar. ♥ I pray to make my own cover of this soon!

YUP! I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold. :) Finger-styling on the guitar. ♥ I pray to make my own cover of this soon!

A message from Anonymous
I feel like i'm losing motivation to get onto the varsity team at my school. Is it alright if you pray for me? Thank you and God bless you.

GOD BLESS YOU! If you are losing the motivation and can’t find any reason to keep moving on, the best motivation is God Himself. :) ♥ I had already prayed for you and prayers really work especially if we pray together. Never cease to pray. Let GOD be your motivation, HE will arm you with strength and will make your way perfect. Do not let anything keep you from something you really want. Remember God wants you to be happy, He want to see you love everything you do and to use it for His glory. Blessings! XX

"I will never get tired of hearing people say “JESUS DIED FOR YOU SO YOU MAY LIVE”. It’s never a cliche, it’s never too mainstream! Knowing this, and making people remind me of it, makes me want to live life for HIS glory —- for the glory of the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS… alone."
A message from Anonymous
Hello Mau! what is your name on fb? I'd love to be your friend.. twitter? or instagram? :) your posts are very inspiring kase.

Hey there! :D THANK YOU! all glory to GOD! ♥ I don’t usually share my private info and accounts on facebook, ig or twitter. I want to remain as anonymous as possible for personal reasons. XD Thanks though dear! we can still be friends here on tumblr. :D 

ps. send me a message off anon next time and maybe I could change my mind and add you up on facebook myself :)) THAT IS, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BE MY FRIEND THERE XD BLESSINGS! xx

We talk to Him through prayers and He talks to us through meditation (reading the Bible).

I made a covenant with Abba last July 1st about starting to read the Bible again. I have this goal of finishing it in one year along with my fellow brothers/sisters in Christ in the church I am now attending. Praise GOD! My faith is growing stronger and stronger as I focus on daily surrendering my life to Him and clinging on to His promises. :) 

By the way! He helped me on my first ever job interview earlier since I graduated last March. I never wasn’t nervous and was able to bear with it all because of Him. ALL GLORY TO GOD! I feel so loved and blessed. ♥

2nd picture: OUR DAILY BREAD; my twin sister turned the cover into something more creative. XD